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Hand Held Refractometer

Brix(0~10/20/32/80/90 Range)

Salinity (0~10/28 Range)

Industries Fluid (0~20/32 Range)


Clinical-Serum Protein/Urine Gravity

Wine/Alcohol/beer/grape wine

Milk/soybean milk


Mining emulsion

refractive index refractometer1.440 to 1.520

Urea 30~35% and urea 0~40%

OE wine

Digital Refractometer







Mine emulsion concentration meter

Soybean milk concentration meter

Coffee densitometer

Pasture is specia

Sodium sulfate mass concentration meter

Salt and sugar

Digital Refractometerp2

  • HT701

    OE refractometer 0 - 140°OE,0 - 25°KMW BABO,0 - 32 % MASH SA

    Product description:

    Made for a more precise and accurate measurement and offers a spectacularly clear reticle chart for easy and comfortable reading of results. One of many advantages of having our HT701ATC is that the body of the instrument is made even longer for more relax measurement and it is made of aluminum to make it more durable and long life then cushioned with soft, comfortable rubber for more relax reading of results. The chart is so clear that even the small lines are vividly shown for more accurate measurement. This Automatic Temperature Compensation unit has a small bi-metal strip that moves a lens or prism in response to the temperature change. RHB-32sATC is equipped with a triple scale, °Oechsle, Saccharose and KMW/ Babo, the most important units to help you determine the content of sugar in grapes and grape juice (mash).
    Because refractive index is very temperature dependent, it is important to use a refractometer with automatic temperature compensation to give you the most accurate measurement in any type of environment temperature.
    The unit can also be use in brewery, fermentation progress, for winegrowers, crop, farming, fruits to check the ripeness, cowberry juices and farming, and freshly squeezed fruits.


    Measuring Range: 0-140 °Oe, 0-25 KMW (Babo), 0-32%Brix (Sacch.)
    Minimum Division: 1°Oe, 0.2KMW, 0.2%Brix
    Accuracy: ±1°Oe, ±0.2KMW, ±0.2%Brix
    ATC Compensation Range: 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F)

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