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Walk into thousands of households with a hand-held refractometer
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  • With the rise of living standards, people pay more and more attention to food health.
    From the product quality inspection and grading of food production enterprises to the detection of food in the family, the handheld refractometer is more and more loved by the people and accepted by the people because of its high quality, low price and stable measurement.
    Sugar meter is used in canned food, fruit juice manufacturing, wine fermentation, fruit honey harvesting and other fields.
    Salinometers are used in various pickles, pickles, pickles, salted food, seawater biological feeding, aquarium, normal saline preparation and other fields.
    The alcohol concentration meter series is applied to the determination of alcohol (ethylene glycol) concentration in liquor and rice wine.
    Medical refractometer is used to detect serum protein and urine specific gravity.
    The industrial series is applied to the detection of automotive battery fluid, refrigeration fluid and cleaning fluid, and the detection of machine tool lubricating fluid and cutting fluid.
    Our products have the advantages of simple structure, shockproof, convenient operation and carrying, clear vision and low price, which can meet the testing requirements of different users.

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