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Food Grading

working with sugar related liquids (fruit juices, soft drinks,wine), help monitor and control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages. 

Automobile Service

Freezing point meter, antifreeze refractive, used for battery liquid concentration and antifreeze freezing point detection, etc.



DeZhou Zhongyuan Electronic CO.,Ltd. ,specialize in professional handheld refractometer in China,We supply refractometers -  Brix refractometer ,salinity refractometer,clinical protein refractometer,battery -Antifreezi -cleaning fluid refractometer,alcohol -grape wine refractometer,milk refractometer and Mining emulsion so on .

Our Products Meet Various Markets,widely used in the food industry, agriculture, aquaculture, as well as laboratory and other areas. Our products are easy to carry, and the accuracy is high. 
Also, our perfect after-sales, has won all the customers' consistent approval, welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to come to discuss the cooperation.





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